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Your Medical Care is Our Priority

Raintree Healthcare works with medical supply companies, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacists, IT companies to ensure the delivery of quality care in a cost-effective manner to our patients.

Not every company in healthcare shares our focus. The truth is most vendors hope to exploit and profit off your healthcare. We remain vigilant and refuse to do business with companies that compromise our patients' medical care.

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Diagnostic Testing and Imaging


In order to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of medical care, we follow the treatment guidelines established by the American Academy Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
We only run tests which assist us in diagnosing an illness. The tests and procedures we are able to perform inside our office are billed to your insurance separate from the outside labs.

​Please inform your nurse or provider ahead of time if you feel a certain procedure is not necessary.

We perform select testing in the lab at our office to diagnose and treat your condition in real time. We offer this service to provide the best medical care.

Your insurance however, may only cover tests and procedures performed at specific laboratories or facilities. This is a financial decision that could possibly delay medical treatment, and it is your responsibility to make. Our recommendations are always strictly medically based.

You will be billed separately for tests and service provided by an outside facility.

It is your responsibility to know which facilities are covered by your plan and to communicate this to your doctor or one of the nurses.
If you are unsure, contact your insurer's customer service representative for clarification.


Insurance Carriers

Raintree Healthcare is...

  • In network with all major insurance companies (and many smaller carriers too).
  • A Tier 1 Provider in the Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance.
  • In network with Oscar Insurance.
  • Providing direct primary care to DART employees and dependents.

​Please note that we do not currently accept Medicaid.

Accepted Insurance

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Procedures Applicable to Your Deductible

Behavioral Counseling

Please note that the following services performed in-office are considered "procedures" and likely apply directly to your deductible-

  • Wart removal
  • Impacted ear wax removal
  • Sutures
  • Breathing treatments

Please call your insurance carrier in advance to see if your deductible applies.


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