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As your healthcare provider, we want to remind families that it is a myth that children are safe from COVID-19, which is a global tragedy of historic magnitude. They are not.

Children with and without underlying conditions with COVID may experience symptoms ranging from mild to serious difficulties breathing or clotting abnormalities associated with purplish bruising on the fingers and toes, to a spectrum of illnesses similar to an inflammatory syndrome called Kawasaki’s disease. Research also suggests that children can spread the illness to their families.

Messaging from state and federal government officials and leaders in the medical communities has been to limit contact with others. Social distancing remains an appropriate norm.

As your pediatrician, we want to remind families that COVID-19 has not interrupted completely the cycle of other ailments that children and their family may experience. Delays in seeking care for certain acute and chronic illnesses may result in serious complications of disease. Vaccines protect children and families from the risk of serious illness once social contact returns.

Over the past few months, we have implemented social distancing in health care delivery. In the clinic, we space patients differently both physically and over time. We use masks and ask our patients to as well. We screen patients so those at higher risk for COVID-19 can be seen safely and apart from other patients.

 We encourage parents and caregivers to make sure they attend to the health care needs of their children in a timely manner. Use televisits where it can work. If the primary series of shots are due, get them on time. If boosters are due, discuss with your provider whether they can be delayed safely. If your child has symptoms, call or telehealth with your doctor. If they persist, become more severe or seem different than ordinary, call our office for a follow-up.

 Our practice is establishing a new normal and is open to serve you. Even in the context of social distancing for COVID-19, it is in your control to exercise your judgment regarding when to obtain care for your child. Be safe, stay socially distanced and when you think it is important, seek health care for your child.


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